Kitchen time: Mon, Tue from 17:45 and
Fri till Sun 11.45 till 14:00 h and again 17:45 h

Dates in the asparagus season


Every Wednesday and Thursday  “August Huchel” menu with the historic asparagus variety Huchels high-performance selection

Every Friday in the asparagus season
Buffet "Asparagus Haus Deckers" 

Piano evening every Saturday during asparagus season - asparagus menus in good company with Helen Schmitz at the piano

Thursday end of May Huchel evening - a pleasure evening all about the old and almost forgotten asparagus variety "Huchels Leistungsauslese"

Every weekend (from April 24th) during the asparagus season, we offer you our asparagus bike arrangement "Enjoyment in the asparagus house" 

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